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Maintaining Impeccable Standards
We are a contract cleaning service in London with over 30 years of experience in serving the property industry. During this period, we have realised the need for a specialised, bespoke, high-quality cleaning service to meet the cleaning requirements of clients in today’s residential property market. Following COVID-19, PLC developers, house builders, estate agents and commercial retailers will be expected to meet the highest hygiene standards. You can trust Ashbury Cleaning to ensure that your property is perfectly looked after. We work with developers to clarify deadlines and priorities ahead of mandating long-term, comprehensive planning, ensuring that your property receives a watertight, bespoke cleaning service.

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contract cleaning services in London


Working With Developers and Management Agents Contract Cleaning Services in London


Residential & Communal Block Cleaning

We work to meet the needs of high-end PLC developers and large house builders to deliver a first-class product throughout the building process. You will collaborate with one of our specialist teams to ensure that Ashbury Cleaning meet any specific requirements you may have.

Ashbury Cleaning has unique experience in working with management agents and developers, delivering bespoke packages to maintain show homes and marketing suites, along with offering expert advice for meeting all cleaning requirements throughout the sale of a development such as residential block cleaning.

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New Build Residential Development and Show Home Cleaning

 During our many years in the property industry, we have seen considerable changes in the quality of residential developments, with properties being built for a more discerning buyer. Our contract cleaning services in London therefore understand the greater need for reliability, professionalism and expertise when it comes to large residential development and show home cleaning.

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Contract Cleaning Services in London After Hours Restaurant Cleaning



After-Hours Restaurant Cleaning

Some developers we work with will have built residential blocks with commercial units as part of the development. These units are often occupied by blue-chip retailers – such as Nando’s or Pizza Hut – and we are on hand to provide specialist cleaning teams who are trained to meet the needs of commercial retailers.

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Estate Agent Offices Cleaning Contract Cleaning Services in London



Estate Agent Offices Cleaning

Only two companies provide contract cleaning services in London for estate agent offices. So, if you need estate agent offices cleaning in different locations across South London, the South East and Surrey, Ashbury Cleaning has the necessary expertise to put a comprehensive plan in place that meets your company’s needs.

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Why Choose Ashbury Cleaning?


For three decades, Ashbury Cleaning has worked closely with developers and management agents, so we know exactly what kind of service you need. By bridging the gap between the cleaning sector and the property sector, we provide your company with a dynamic, specialised service.


Having worked closely with developers over the years, we understand the importance of providing a personalised service based on the specific needs of each individual client. From residential block cleaning to show home cleaning, our company work closely with you to provide the exact service that your company requires.


We use the finest available products and up-to-date equipment to ensure that your property receives the best possible finish. All cleaners are fully trained permanent staff, not agency workers, with specific teams being used to meet individual client requirements.




 Get in touch with Ashbury Cleaning for contract cleaning services in London, the South East and Surrey who have excellent experience in working with property developers and commercial retailers to provide excellent large corporation cleaning.

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