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Specialist Cleaners for Property Developers and Agents
Ashbury Cleaning are a company with over 30 years of experience in providing specialist contract cleaners for property developers. During this period, we have recognised the increased demand for an expert large corporation cleaning service in today’s commercial property market. As an agent, your clients demand exceptionally high standards, while developers require contract cleaning services in London who can plan, coordinate and execute a comprehensive cleaning schedule that satisfies their particular needs. This is where Ashbury Cleaning comes in. If you are a PLC developer, house builder, management agent, commercial retailer or estate agent, we provide a specialist service that gives you peace of mind. Whether you require residential block cleaning or show home cleaning, we have got you covered.

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About Ashbury Cleaning

Ashbury Cleaning started out as a land agency, working closely with developers in South London, Surrey and the South East ahead of directing our attention to the cleaning side of the property management industry. We realised that developers benefit strongly from having a professional outfit that can plan and execute cleaning plans throughout the whole process of development. Moreover, we work with management agents to clean communal parts of developments such as meeting rooms and staircases. Such experience in working with developers and agents places us in a unique position to provide a bespoke, specialised large corporation cleaning service to all aspects of the property industry.


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Why Choose Ashbury Cleaning?

Specialised Knowledge

As a developer or agent, you do not want any random cleaning agency to take care of a detailed, wide-ranging job. You need a contract cleaning service in London who know your sector – a company that understands completion deadlines and plans cleaning schedules well in advance. With Ashbury Cleaning, you get a company with extensive experience in your sector and specialist permanent workers who know how to supply professional show home cleaning, after hours restaurant cleaning and residential cleaning.

Meet Your Specific Needs

Having worked with many property developers over the years, we understand the importance of getting every detail perfect. That is why we listen closely to your needs ahead of drawing up an entirely bespoke cleaning schedule that meets the requirements of a specific project. Every step of the process, from initial construction to showcasing, must be complemented by a watertight cleaning plan with cleaners who are handpicked for particular tasks.

High-Quality Service

You can count on our contract cleaning services in London to provide an exceptional service from start to finish. All members of staff are fully qualified and do not belong to an agency. The same trusted workers will be at your property every week, using the most up-to-date equipment and products to produce an impeccable finish. Whether you need residential block cleaning or estate agents offices cleaning, you can trust that every team member knows exactly how to do a faultless job. You are in safe hands.




Look no further than Ashbury Cleaning for contract cleaning services in London, the South East and Surrey with unparalleled experience of the property industry.

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